Eating low on the food Chain


My  grandfather first introduced me to sardines when I was about 7 or 8. Some family members were not as appreciative as I was and complained that they smelled fishy. Isn't that what fish are

Hack Your T The Holistic Way


Managing our hormones is so essential that mismanagement through nutrition and lifestyle will automatically cause inflammation and obesity. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, and prostate cancer all have been directly linked to estrogenic

Have Your Cake


I write this as a responsible nutrition professional and to show that I enjoy some delicacies that are not necessarily under my beloved Paleolithic nutrition way of eating. Although I’m not one to eat

Why Goats never get sick


Ever seen a sick goat? Usually when they do get sick, it's so bad that that they die. Goats are known to eat almost anything. That is not true but they definitely have multiple stomachs.

What’s The Big Deal About Bone Broth?


Safe and soothing, bone broth is truly a comfort food in every sense. Bone broth can be used in a multitude of recipes to give moisture and volume. It can be used as a base to

Enhance your mood – Hack Your Rice?


I know, rice is not Paleo but it is still one of my favorite foods. In this 200 word nutrition tip I am going to teach you how to make your rice taste better and

Holiday Nutrition Tips 2016


By Steven Ashton   Don’t be a wimp about food   Stop succumbing to the pressures of having to eat everything that’s available or “it’s Thanksgiving so I have to stuff myself” The big payoff

Manage Asthma with Nutrition


Asthma is a serious chronic lung disease characterized by continual inflammation of the airways punctuated by episodes or attacks of increased inflammation (American Lung Association, 2010).  Asthma occurs in approximately 3% of the population of

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