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Jalapeno Pesto


This is my favorite pesto so far. I could probably eat it everyday! I get a lot of compliments on this whenever I make it. One of the easiest and most versatile dishes to make.Jalapeno

Easy Spinach Pesto


Easy Spinach Pesto - When it comes to making pesto there are unlimited ways to make it just as there are unlimited uses for the finished product. At its most simple form, I think of

Paleo Pesto Shrimp and Squash Fettuccine


Paleo Pesto Shrimp and Squash Fettuccine - - large Shrimp (wild, local), large Squash (zucchini, medium, raw, organic), tsp (ground black pepper), walnuts (or any nut), garlic (raw), Tbsp Star Extra Virgin Olive Oil, pink

Eating low on the food Chain


My  grandfather first introduced me to sardines when I was about 7 or 8. Some family members were not as appreciative as I was and complained that they smelled fishy. Isn't that what fish are

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